About Our Followers

Our followers are 100% real, some of them use Linkedin regularly so they even have profile photos and an account with related posts and jobs.

They get paid to follow you, none of them are interested in your page and that is why they will never make any kind of conversion.

They are Worldwide

The number of followers you can get is limited to a maximum of 3,000, as already mentioned, these are real people and our pool of users willing to follow you is around that amount.

Unfortunately, yes, you will lose some of our followers a few days after the boost. Approximately the drop rate is 20%.
Working with real followers and not bots, we cannot force anyone to follow you forever.
We hope you can understand

Frequent Questions

Yes, it works for both Company Page and Private Profiles.

We tested the service on more than 250 linkedin accounts, and none of them ever had any problems.
We have been working with you and for you for more than a year, we know the platform and we know that this is a safe procedure.

We do not need any of this information. The only thing we need is the public link of your page
(Whether it is from a company or your private profile)